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Los Angeles musician Michael Cox began his career in the mid 70’s as a multi-instrumentalist and composer. Having harbored a love for the music of other cultures since a boy, he learned to play Arabic music in a series of ensembles in East Coast night clubs. Classically trained as well as schooled in the sound of the streets, his music can be heard in feature films and on television. In addition to being called upon as a remixer, he has released two full length CDs for Down Dog Records, a label he launched in 2003, In the Moment by Petrol Bomb Samosa and Raks Zahra by Cairo Trip Hop Underground.

Sanctuary by Michael Cox

This evocative, atmospheric collection of original compositions features impressionistic, translucent music that allows the mind space to breathe. Shimmering, meditative synth washes create a time-before–time ambience, surrounding tranced-out guitar melodies. This music, created at the nexus of improvisation, ambient, world-beat and studio exploration is characterized by a less-is-more philosophy, where the space between notes is as important as the notes themselves. Michael Cox has stripped the melodies down to their emotional essence, all superfluous notes have been removed. This music creates a space where the postmodern soul can find solace.

Listen to excerpts:

1. Emerald Scarab
2. Sun Shower
3. Into the Mystic
4. Sanctuary
5. Night Watch
6. After the Storm
7. The Bridge

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